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Life after the 12 Steps – Personal Development

This is a partial recording of a conversation I had regarding the glaring parallels I see between a 12-step program* and the principles that underpin goal setting and attainment in any area of life.
*of recovery from alcohol, drugs, or any other self-destructive addictive behaviour pattern. 

The early 20th century was a golden era for self-help literature and programs, with a lot of famous authors being contemporaries. 

Many of the most significant books that inspired me and transformed my life were written between 1909 and 1939.

Although in this video I happen to be talking specifically about working with people who have been through all 12 steps of a recovery program, please note that recovery from addiction is NOT a prerequisite to get started and achieve great things in life.

I posted it because I thought you might find it interesting that I especially enjoy working with people who had been formerly viewed by others as hopeless. It’s just an area that inspires me greatly because of my past.

My heart is with the ex-alcoholics

I was having this conversation about a small subgroup of people I particularly love to work with for two reasons.

Firstly because I can identify so well with them, and they in turn can relate to me.

Secondly, because of the astonishing results that can be achieved with these people in an incredibly short period of time.

They can be the easiest people to work with because the training feels familiar to them, and they have past “miraculous” results to keep them inspired and motivated. Often they feel like they have nothing to lose by throwing themselves into the experience, and that really does pay off.

It’s ironic that this particular subgroup of society who were once unable to cope with “Life” are actually some of the best equipped to become high achievers – and in record time – simply because they are already familiar with pretty much everything that will be asked of them during their learning experience.

They have a couple of advantages over all other newcomers to personal development, and pointing that out to them brings me great joy.

And of course it works for others!

I could talk about this subject indefinitely. Of course I love to work with a wide variety of people on the subject of personal growth and personal development, but this little subgroup have a special place in my heart because that’s where I came from and I know exactly how they feel.

“So, I’m sober….now what?” At the end of the video I talk about having no point of reference for a normal life once sober. I was a drunk before I left school and then suddenly it was 30 years later and I was in my middle age, sober, and didn’t know how to “Life”.

Once I myself had realised the parallels between the two systems – one for getting sober, the other for attaining any objective – I needed to try it out to see if it worked, and once I’d done that I needed to tell the whole world!

That’s why I do what I do.


  • I refer to them having had a “self-talk” as part of the 12-steps. This is not in itself a whole step but part of one.
  • When I refer to “the two yous” I mean your conscious and subconscious minds. A clear channel of communication ought be open between those two. Most people have never even considered it.
  • I am not affiliated in any way with Alcoholics Anonymous and I do not speak for them. I do not purport to be an alternative to them. If you wish to get sober I suggest you visit them. If you have completed all 12 steps but still have no direction or purpose, contact me and let’s work together.

Fino Menezes

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