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Law of Attraction: I want proof!

In my experience the very best way to prove the existence (or not) of the Law of Attraction is to ask my students to do their own detective work. It’s easy, it doesn’t take up much time, and all the evidence they could possibly need is buried in their own memories; all they have to do is dig a little deeper than they have ever been asked before.

An example of the usual depths people dig into their memories is to remember some event in their past. That’s it. They never delve any further than the event itself. Well if you want concrete proof whether the Law of Attraction exists or not, try this little experiment for yourself. 

Write two lists of three events each…

List #1: Write down three major “wins” in your life. By this I mean three events where things worked out as well or better than you expected. Three outstanding results. Things you were overjoyed about and that stand out in your memory as fantastic positive results. They could have been planned or come out of the blue, it doesn’t matter.

List #2: Write down three major “losses” in your life. By this I mean three events where things worked out much worse than you expected, or they came as a crushing blow to you even though you thought you had meticulously planned every detail. Maybe these bad results were totally unexpected and came seemingly out of the blue. Doesn’t matter, write them down.



Now this is where most people stop. Maybe someone has asked them these kind of questions before, but this is usually where the questioning finishes. I’m going to ask you to dig a little deeper. Everyone can remember with crystal clarity the feelings they had on the day of a spectacular win or a crushing defeat in their lives, but has anyone ever asked you to delve a little further back?

Return to your lists and now I want you to try to remember the feelings you had in the days, weeks, and maybe even months in the lead up to those events on your two lists. Here is where you will find your evidence. Proof that the Law of Attraction was at work in your life even before you had ever heard of it. Once you have fully completed this little experiment in detective work, please return to the footnote at the bottom of this article.*

Feelings, not thoughts…

The Law of Attraction, according to all those who support the concept, works on emotions not thoughts. How you feel is what The Universe responds to, not what you think, and the Law of Attraction seems to work retroactively, meaning what you get today is as a result of how you were feeling in the past.

This is why people unwittingly perpetuate their situations, be they good or bad. If you are feeling bad today, then those feelings are projecting out into The Universe and therefore The Universe will give you more of what you are feeling. The Universe is neutral. It doesn’t differentiate between good and bad feelings.

Whatever you are putting out you will get back, good, bad or indifferent. The way to counteract this is to alter what you are thinking so that you might change the way you feel, and once you change the way you feel those feelings will project out into The Universe and what you will receive in return will be in line with those feelings. Think like a tennis match: you serve, The Universe returns.

*You’re welcome

Fino Menezes

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