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Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is a bit of a personal hero of mine, and though I’m not someone to put people on a pedestal, once in a while you have to make an exception.

In early 1968 in Chicago, a chance encounter with a fellow student at Chicago University was to spark in Jack Canfield a lifelong interest in the possibilities of human potential which would in time have a far-reaching and positive impact on the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, if not millions.

During that early period he was teaching children in inner city schools, had fairly low self-esteem, and some inherited negative views towards wealth and the wealthy; but soon after the encounter an opportunity presented itself to work for the W. Clement & Jessie Stone Foundation, and all that was to change for ever.

One of the most significant lessons he learned from Stone was to seek to uncover the opportunity in every situation and in every encounter. Change is one of life’s inevitabilities whether you like it or not, so you may as well embrace it rather than resist it. With that attitude you will begin to see opportunities where others see only adversity. 

My own interest in personal development also seemed to be ignited by random chance. As I have since told Jack Canfield myself, I have no idea why I watched the movie “The Secret” back in the first week of July of 2013, as it really wasn’t the kind of thing that would have appealed to me at all up until that point: a bunch of ‘self-help’ Americans talking about ‘The Law of Attraction’ and other equally pie-in-the-sky concepts to me in those days.

I felt at the time like I dismissed the film even as I was watching it, nevertheless I sat through the whole thing and a very important seed was planted in my mind. There were a couple of people in the film that seemed to me to be, how shall I put it, ultra-‘normal’?

Please don’t think I’m being disparaging of the others in the movie, because today, with my own passion to pass on the priceless lessons of personal development, I hold all of them in very high esteem and study their works with great relish and interest, but back then I was constricted by my own long-held beliefs about this ‘metaphysical’ mumbo-jumbo, especially when it was being put forward by Americans.

Some of us Brits of a certain age can have a very skewed view of other nations and their citizens, and it was my opinion at the time that all this was a bunch of wishful-thinking nonsense for the terminally gullible.

That said, Jack Canfield came across as someone who was talking sense. Unlike some of the others he didn’t seem to lean so heavily on the metaphysics side and focused more on proactive and practical action steps.

He didn’t look like a hippy, nor were the veins bulging out on his neck and he wasn’t shouting or whooping. He had a background in school teaching. He seemed credible and rational and, above all, honest and trustworthy. His mild-mannered and open delivery stuck in my mind and a day or two later I thought to myself “I must look into this guy, and see what he has to say out of the context of the movie.”

My first stop was YouTube. I thought I’d see if I could find him there talking on his own, at length, rather than small soundbites amongst other people. Wow! I found some pretty impressive footage. He definitely warranted further investigation.

My reasoning behind it was this: if he had been doing this for decades, and it was all utter rubbish, then how come he was still allowed to say these things, and how come he hadn’t been sued penniless years before?

I mean, he was based in a part of the world where people sue doctors who make errors while under the pressure of trying to save lives, so surely he be a prime candidate for a lawsuit if he were peddling snake oil? I was sold. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I was completely broke but did own a first generation iPad, so I watched every bit of video I could find on YouTube. I listened to every segment of audio I could find anywhere on the Internet.

Wherever there was the written word by Jack Canfield in the public domain, I devoured it, and where possible I downloaded it for offline reading when I was away from free wifi. I signed up for his regular newsletter and immediately downloaded the free chapter of ‘The Success Principles’, having seen snippets of him talking about it on YouTube.

This seemed to me to be the “How To…” handbook I was looking for. At the time I simply couldn’t afford to invest in myself with any of the in-depth training and fantastic coaching courses available at his website as I was starting out quite literally from the gutter, but I knew that as soon as was humanly possible

I was going to buy that book, because I had the feeling the book would soon bring me the money I needed to get onto one of those courses. Suddenly I saw a bright future ahead of myself, and Jack Canfield seemed to me to be offering to show me exactly how to get there.

If, as I was, you are completely penniless then I suggest you do what I did and see what you can find for free to get you started. If you have a little money then I wholeheartedly recommend you buy the book or audiobook of “The Success Principles” and get started on the ideas and suggestions you’ll find in there as soon as you get your hands on it.

Your progress will be accelerated at a pace that will take your breath away. If on the other hand you are fortunate enough to have some money in the bank and you are willing to invest in yourself and your future, I ask you now to seriously consider looking into one of the Jack Canfield training or coaching programs.

The way the courses are designed, the plain language used, the step-by-step modular structure and the direct access you have to everything you need to succeed is staggering.

He has brought to bear his background of many years in the teaching profession, having taught teachers who teach teachers to teach, to make this quite possibly the smoothest of learning curves currently available.

You will learn with confidence, and for those of us who hadn’t studied for many years, that is one of the main fears of going back into study; Will I make a fool of myself? Will I be able to keep up? I have no background in this subject…..

With the Jack Canfield training programs and coaching courses everything you need to know is almost spoon-fed to you exactly as-and-when you need to know it. It couldn’t be made simpler yet the final outcome couldn’t be more radically life-changing.

I can’t recommend Jack Canfield’s training programs and coaching courses highly enough to those who are able and willing to invest in themselves. Your future self will thank you.

Though I can’t recommend Jack Canfield’s teachings highly enough, different people are at different stages of their journey. If you are an absolute beginner then you might want to check out his FREE “10 Day Transformation” by clicking here…

But I also recommend taking time to view the FULL RANGE of Jack Canfield’s books, audios, courses and training programs – CLICK HERE to browse and discover which ones are best suited to you at your stage of Personal Development.

Fino Menezes

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