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Life after the 12 Steps – Personal Development

This is a partial recording of a conversation I had regarding the glaring parallels I see between a 12-step program* and the principles that underpin goal setting and attainment in any area of life.
*of recovery from alcohol, drugs, or any other self-destructive addictive behaviour pattern. 

The early 20th century was a golden era for self-help literature and programs, with a lot of famous authors being contemporaries. 

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Women, ethnic groups, and younger people

Are these people represented in the world of personal development, if so by whom, and are there materials and courses tailored specifically for them?

You may be forgiven at first glance for thinking the world of personal development is entirely populated by white, middle-class, middle-aged men, and aimed at a similar demographic. Do not allow that first glance to put you off.

Firstly, a lot of those men started out decidedly working class. Secondly, if it seems there are not enough women, ethnic groups or young people represented in the movement, that may well be the case, but you can’t force people to step up and teach, that has to be their own decision.

The good news is that all those groups are represented if you scratch the surface, and many from those groups are very successful and highly regarded by their peers in the arena. Some truly amazing women whose works are at the forefront of the personal development world are; Mary Morrissey, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Beck and Ricki Byers-Beckwith, though there are many more once you start to look.

The same can be said for people from different ethnic backgrounds, prominent examples being; Michael Beckwith, Robert Kyosaki and Les Brown, all of whom I study and enjoy immensely; and there is a young man with many books on the market who ‘translated’ his father’s best-selling and hugely empowering works into books aimed specifically at teens and young people, Sean Covey, son of Stephen R. Covey. There is also available ‘The Secret to Teen Power’, a spinoff of the highly successful book and film ‘The Secret’.

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Some frequently used terms explained

Metaphysics and neuroscience. What exactly are they, and how do they relate to each other?

Here are some examples of dictionary definitions of the two words, but in the realm of personal development there’s a bit more to it than can be summed up in a single sentence.

Metaphysics: The philosophical study of being and knowing.
Neuroscience: The scientific study of the nervous system.

Metaphysics: real or imaginary?

‘Metaphysics’ can be viewed as those phenomena which fall outside the “laws” of the scientific method, particularly the laws of physics. For example you may assume that a God in all or any of its forms would fall into that category because, regardless of how many people believe in a God, science has yet to prove with empirical evidence that there is one. 

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