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Bob Proctor

I think I can safely say without fear of contradiction that Bob Proctor is the grandaddy of personal development on the world stage today. During a career as teacher, guide, author, coach and speaker, spanning half a century, Bob, who is now in his 80s, is probably best known by the masses outside the arena of personal development as one of the stars of the film “The Secret”.

A millionaire many times over, and the head of a number of highly successful businesses worldwide, life wasn’t always a bed of roses for the Canadian. In his youth he dropped out of school with no qualifications and went from one dead end job to another for some years before finally settling in the fire service. 

By his own admission, with an annual income of $4000 and debts of $6000, the future didn’t look to bright for the young Bob. At age 26 some kindhearted and forward-thinking soul handed him a book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

This was to be the trigger that would kickstart Bob Proctor towards his own personal fortune, and ignite in him the desire to dedicate the rest of his life to the study of personal success and his tireless mission to share his findings with as many people as he could possibly reach in his lifetime.

He soon quit the fire service and started his own company cleaning floors. Within a year he had contracts not only in his native Canada but also as far afield as the United States of America and even in London, England. That year was to see him earn his first $100,000, and the following year he was to top his first million.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength. Other than Hill’s book itself, Bob also listened tirelessly to an abridged audio version read by Earl Nightingale, and soon landed himself a job at the Nightingale Conant Corporation working directly for Earl Nightingale himself. As head of sales Bob excelled, and within a few years he set out to form his own company, lecturing on the subject of human potential and personal development.

Even in his advanced years the passion for his subject keeps him young and sprightly, and I personally know of people twenty years and more his junior who would struggle to keep up with his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

I felt I saw certain parallels between us that I could identify with inasmuch that I too left school without any formal qualifications and lurched from one no-hope job to the next, never saving and never planning for the future, living day by day and month to month.

When I finally hit my personal rock bottom, due to my formerly chronic alcohol addiction, I was presented with a book that was to potentially contain my own salvation if I were to read it with an open mind and a willing heart, and to take action on what I discovered within its pages.

When I first laid eyes on Bob Proctor, already advanced in years, clutching his dog-eared and tatty but clearly beloved copy of “Think and Grow Rich”, it reminded me of many “Old Timers” in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous whom I had known throughout my sobriety who clutched their own copies of a dog-eared and tatty book that had been their salvation (the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous), which they still study regularly and love dearly, even though it may be decades since they last picked up an alcoholic drink.

Another glaring parallel to me was the burning desire of these older and wiser men to share the contents of these books with those seeking salvation from their own pitiful situations. Whether it be to overcome poverty and lack or to overcome the debilitating condition of alcoholism, those two books, both written in the 1930s, were put together by men whose only aim was to selflessly serve their fellows by sharing their findings.

Bob does the same, and the “Old Timers” in AA do the same. When you have news like that you simply have to share it. You just must! That’s what I see when I look at Bob Proctor on stage: the burning desire of a man to share the most spectacular (or “phenomenal”, to use Bob’s own favourite buzzword) news.

The news that there is another way. The news that there is a solution to your problem if you are only prepared to look into it with an open mind and a willing heart, and to take action on your findings. I think it’s probably fair to say I love Bob Proctor.

To the present day. More recently Bob Proctor and corporate and financial lawyer Sandy Gallagher went into partnership to create the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Sandy Gallagher was hardly poor and wretched when they met, earning a high six-figure annual income and handling legal business cases worth billions, but she too has the same burning desire to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives.

The Proctor Gallagher Institute has an astonishing array of excellent programs of self-betterment and I would dearly love to make it a personal mission to go on all of them at some stage, just to spend some quality time in the presence and in the energy field of The Master.

Realistically that would take me quite a while as I still need to attend to my own business matters here in Europe, but believe me when I say I won’t be taking conventional holidays for some years to come. I have no wife or children so I shall be arranging my future vacations to fit in with the timings of various courses and training programs at the PGI in Canada.

Personally I can’t think of a better way to spend my ‘holiday’ time and money than in investing in myself with such a dedicated and high quality education as they offer. The returns far outweigh the investment when you spend wisely with such people as Bob and Sandy.

So I suggest you look at the courses they offer, then ask yourself one big question, and I don’t mean the limiting question “Can I afford to put myself through one of these life-changing programs?”, but the deeper and more significant question “Can I afford NOT to invest in myself with one of these programs that would mean the turning point towards a future of abundance and prosperity beyond my wildest dreams?”

Some examples from the range

  • You Were Born Rich“, which is one of Bob Proctor’s longest-standing programs for the simple reason that the lessons and skill sets it contains are timeless. It gets results, and has been endorsed by a multitude of companies and corporations worldwide for decades (and you can do this one without leaving home!). One of the most impactful courses in the marketplace today, should you mention having taken this course to “those in the know”, they will instantly readjust their view of you as someone who knows where they’re going and who won’t be stopped until they get there by the most direct and effective means.
  • The Winner’s Image” home course is specifically designed to rocket your self-esteem into the stratosphere to become a powerhouse of progress.
  • The Streaming Club” and “Six Minutes to Success” are well worth your investigation, too. From the entry-level home courses like these to the top-end programs for the established entrepreneur, executive, and business leader, or even for the aspiring personal development coach of the future, the Proctor Gallagher Institute has courses and programs tailored to your every need.
  • If you’re feeling more ambitious and are willing to invest a little more money, time and effort in their higher-end programs, look no further than “Bob Proctor Coaching” to be personally coached as an individual with your specific aims and goals addressed and focused upon, or “PGI Consultant Certification Training” to become a certified coach yourself.
  • Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle” takes it all up a notch to the next level and you will be learning among other high achievers and go-getters
  • At the world famous “Matrixx Events” you will actually be rubbing shoulders with some of the world leaders in the PD arena and even have the opportunity to meet and work with the man himself, Bob Proctor.
  • And last but not least there is “Magic in Your Mind“.

What 6 minutes can do for you!


Here is a program I can personally recommend highly. It’6 Minutes to Successs called “”, and you will learn everything you need to know, delivered to your computer or device in easy to understand step by step daily lessons. If you are interested in that kind of guidance, read on…

Do you know someone  – perhaps yourself, a friend or a family member who feels stuck?

Maybe they want to earn more money, lose some weight, improve their relationships or live a more fulfilling life?

Not knowing what you want is so frustrating … or knowing what you want but not knowing how to get it is even more frustrating, and a sure recipe for failure and disappointment.

In this video Bob Proctor gives you exactly what you need to ensure that you never experience another yo-yo diet, roller coaster bank account or dead end relationship again … and better yet to achieve or have ANYTHING you want.

Watch this video now for results that stick!

Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club


Another gem from the Proctor Gallagher Institute is the weekly streaming club. Just look at all these features!

Streaming Club Overview

Mastermind and learn from the world’s master thinkers and achievers each and every week?

Just imagine having a place you can count on every week to expand your mind.

Just imagine reaching goals faster with weekly insights from the industry’s best.

Just imagine not having to rigorously and tirelessly search for answers to your life’s questions.

You don’t have to imagine anymore, you can join the Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club today.

We stream straight to you. The LIVE streaming sessions and recordings look great on all devices. So, whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home you can enjoy the Streaming Club stress free.

During these LIVE streaming sessions, we give you everything you need to:

  • Increase your vibration and awareness
  • Motivate you into action
  • Open up new possibilities
  • Help you make frequent and immediate progress towards your goals and dreams
  • In the Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club, you can expect:

LIVE Streams with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher at least once a week (sometimes more)

  • An archive of recordings from past streaming sessions
  • New and old ideas that will surely transform your life
  • A no hassle cancellation policy
  • Superb customer service
  • A go-to place for motivation, inspiration and the very best information available
  • Think about how dramatically your life will change by spending time every week productively working on your self, moving in the right direction, creating your own economy and reaching your biggest goals.
Product Features

LIVE Streams: experience Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher live, real-time, at least once a week (sometimes more often!)

An Archive of Recordings: gain wisdom from past streaming sessions, transforming your present…and future!

This is the program to be in if you want to spend quality time with Bob and Sandy on a weekly basis. With exceptional lessons, regular Q&A sessions, special guests and an income opportunity – this is as close to a Proctor Gallagher TV show as it gets, and it’s just getting BETTER.

The membership site is PACKED with amazing content like:

Articles & Downloads

  • Archive of every single streaming session since the program’s inception for review at your convenience and pace
  • Reading recommendations from Bob’s personal library of over 3,000 books
  • PDF success tools that Bob and Sandy are using in their own daily lives
  • An active community
  • And so much more.

At only $99.97/month, this is a program that will make you want to cancel your cable, and start actively building the life of your dreams. More info here…

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