About this website

The vision I have for this website is best summed up by an excerpt from my own personal mission statement; the one I read aloud to myself morning and night.

“It is my burning desire to reach millions of people in this generation and those to come, with the knowledge and invaluable lessons I have learned and put into practice to better my own life, outlook and circumstances.” 

What’s in it for you? 

The “Big Why” behind finomenezes.com is to offer a content-rich resource focused specifically on the tools, skills, mindset, and above all, the proactive and practical action steps aimed at those of you with an interest in making measurable real-world daily progress towards achieving excellence in your own goals and ambitions. Whether those goals be in the area of health, wealth, your career, leisure time, spirituality, family and relationships, legacy and contribution, or all the above, you can turn the principles and ideas you will find here to practically anything you can imagine. I say “practically”, but I am yet to discover a clear objective upon which the concepts I cover don’t work.

Here I will share with you how in exactly two years, and I mean exactly two years to-the-week (the first week of July 2013 to the first week of July 2015), I went from being quite literally penniless, unemployed and homeless, to being able to quit ‘going to work’ at a good and stable job, forever. I was able to stop working for other people altogether to pursue my own dreams and goals full-time, which is helping others to define and pursue theirs.

IMG_8333The launch of finomenezes.com comes just two-and-a-half years after the day I stumbled upon the world of personal development, and now I live in a beautiful designer home set in its own land within a nature reserve deep in the Spanish countryside. I don’t say this to impress you, I’m telling you this to impress upon you that what you will find here are methods, systems and formulae for steady progress and ultimate success. I won’t be dealing in theory or hearsay, so you can take as a given that anything you read here has been personally tried and tested by me.

In my bio I expand on my personal history (well worth a look, if only to show you that these concepts can work for absolutely anybody!), but throughout the website I will only ever pass on to you the selfsame tools and skills I myself tried and still use to great effect in my own meteoric rise from unemployed waster in a public park; through starting a volunteer position within a matter of days after my ‘discovery’ of personal development; to a fantastic job in the halls of power in the capital city within a few months; to finally quitting ‘work’ for other people altogether, just two years to-the-week after it all began.

Why should you read on? 

Some significant points I would like you to consider before we go any further are these;

  • In July 2013 I began with a budget of absolutely zero (£/$/€0.00)
  • I have no Curriculum Vitae/résumé, nor a degree (in fact I left high school with no qualifications at all).
  • By July 2015 I had achieved all this in a country (not my own) where I can’t even speak the language.

So, if right now you have in your pocket the price of a cup of coffee, a bed to sleep in tonight, and you can converse with your neighbour, take heart, you are already ahead of where I started out. Furthermore it is my sincerest wish that you overtake me before we are done with each other. That’s right, I want you to beat me at my own game, and I will do absolutely everything in my power to help you do it, too!