7-Day Transformation Vacation in Rural Spain

In the Home of Your Very Own Personal Success Strategist

JOIN ME FOR A 7-DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME… and plot a course towards the life of your dreams!


Imagine if nothing were impossible and you could click your fingers to totally transform one area of your life, what would that be?

Would you want to…

  • Change career, or even start your own business based around your passion?
  • Double or even triple your annual cash flow?
  • Dedicate more time to helping and serving others – while comfortably making enough money to cover your own ideal lifestyle?
  • Build deeper and stronger relationships with your partner, family, friends, and business associates?
  • Spring out of bed every day, energised and with a sense of purpose, filled with gratitude for the opportunities and abundance you draw into your life?

Any or all of these things are attainable, and what’s more, you could achieve them with ease within a matter of months.

But you know it won’t happen simply by clicking your fingers…

Your dream life won’t come knocking at your door unless you expend the energy, effort and time needed to make it happen.

When you’re already wrapped up in the endless cycle of everyday demands, the thought of coming up with even more time and energy to raise yourself above your current circumstances can feel daunting, disheartening, and maybe even downright impossible.

However…there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s bright!

There is a straightforward strategy for you to radically speed up your progress and see drastic real-world improvements sooner than you thought possible.

With the right skill-set and instruction you can have, do, be or achieve anything you desire, and in a far shorter period of time than you might have ever imagined.

And that is why I put together the Transformation Vacation

The lifestyle of your dreams really is within your reach.

What if you knew that in only one week, you could…

  • Define with clarity your BIG WHY – your driving passion and purpose
  • Defeat the obstacles that have so far blocked you from attaining your ambitions
  • Design a plan so that step-by-step you could achieve all your major objectives and raise the bar in every area of your life
  • ….and begin to implement that plan immediately through focused positive action!

Would you do it? Would you jump at the chance and design the life of your dreams?

Well now is your opportunity…

I have spent months carefully putting together this package, and by joining me for the Transformation Vacation, you will learn how to:

  • Take charge of your life and become the master of your destiny
  • Lose weight and improve your overall health and fitness
  • Leave any past negativity where it belongs – in the past
  • Restructure your belief system to displace old, poorly performing habit patterns with new high-value ones
  • Define exactly what being successful means to you personally
  • Develop confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Overcome the fear of leaving your comfort zone in order to grow
  • Design a “roadmap” for your life and career in tune with your values and purpose
  • Develop focus in order to build momentum towards attaining your dreams
  • Structure a more balanced work/life ratio to allow more time to do what makes you happy with those you care about
  • Leverage the Law of Attraction to generate a happier, more abundant life
  • All this you will learn in the tranquil yet inspirational and positive surroundings of my home and the beautiful environment in which it is set.

Where were you in July 2013? 

Can you remember what you were doing in the Month of July 2013?
Were you on vacation, or looking forward to the Summer, or perhaps you were going through a challenging period?

It’s almost three years ago now, and if you were to compare your life at that moment with your life today, are you happy with the way things have evolved in almost three years?

Is it a story that you are proud to share with your friends? Or are there still some – or maybe a lot – of wishes yet to be fulfilled and targets reached? If you have made progress, has it been merely so-so or phenomenally outstanding?

And are you happy where you are now?

If you are over the moon with your results then you need read no further (but you would be more than welcome to call me for a chat among friends and to share some experiences and swap notes…)

But if you are still aiming for the stars and haven’t quite yet launched your rocket, let alone set foot on the moon, read on, I have something amazing to share which can catapult YOUR life and results into another dimension BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.

If not, do you want a solution?

How do I know this? Well, my own personal history since July 2013 is of a huge transformation based on a strategy that can be used by ANYONE that knows this strategy in all of its important details.

Since this strategy can be used by absolutely anyone, that means I can teach it to YOU! I can reveal to you the way, and just as importantly I will point out the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Take a look at this!


But before I dive into that – how do you like this view? This is what greets me every morning when I wake up ….it’s what I see through the glass wall of my living room or kitchen, or from the huge terrace – and most of the time the weather is perfect for that since I live deep in the beautiful Murcia countryside in Spain with around 330 days of sun and clear blue skies a year.

You’ll agree it’s quite a difference from the park bench I called ‘home’ in early July 2013, and now I live here.

How did I manage that, you may well ask? Well, by using the strategy!

How’s work going?

But that’s not all. Let me ask you about your career. How is it working out for you? Are you happy and fulfilled in your job? Do you feel a promotion or pay rise is long overdue? Or maybe a complete career change? Perhaps you want to branch out and start a business of your own?

And what about your free time? If you want more time to spend doing the things you love then it’s time to…

Take control…

This strategy will enable you to take control of your destiny and CHOOSE the way you want your life to pan out.

You will no longer feel swept along on a sea of circumstance, subject to tides and currents.
You will instead be able to plot a course to the destinations of YOUR choosing, using a tried and tested formula to set definite goals and objectives.

You will actually attain them in such a tangible way you will be able to FEEL YOUR PROGRESS and watch it unfold in measurable stages.

The strategy can be successfully applied to all areas of your life, from health and wealth, to spirituality and legacy, your career and free time, and your interpersonal relationships; all will fall under your control.

You will be able to make decisions and stick to them with a newfound purpose, and will tap into an iron discipline you never knew you had in you.

How does the Transformation Vacation differ from everything else out there?

You may already have read plenty of books on personal development, watched many of the inspirational videos, and listened to hours of audio on the subject. Maybe you have even been to some of the personal growth seminars and the huge weekend gatherings with many of the leading lights in the arena on the stage.

But let me ask you this; how long did the enthusiasm last after you put down the book or turned off the videos and audios? Did you soon feel disappointment upon coming home from an event only to discover that the initial energy soon wore off and things quickly went back to the way they had been. Not so with this Transformation Vacation.

This is where the Transformation Vacation differs…

Here you will not be simply learning from a book. You will not be sitting alone watching a screen. You will not just be one of the crowd, hyped up with the mass hysteria huge events can offer, only to leave you deflated once you are alone again.

No, here you will be personally guided through the entire process, step by step, in a one-on-one environment, giving you the ability to stop and ask questions at any stage. You will be able to get clarification on any of the points we cover, and we can return to anything you feel uncertain about at any time during the course of the week.

The whole program is tailored around YOU!

Build real momentum to take away…

The energy you will gain through the personal one-to-one nature of this Transformation Vacation will enable you to hit the ground running when you return home, fully energised yet refreshed and relaxed, and able to easily add to the momentum you will already have begun to build during your stay.

What do You need to know in advance?

Nothing. Whether you are just starting out and have not yet any great knowledge of personal development, or whether you have been studying it for some time but feel you need a boost that really works for you, this strategy is for everyone and will be tailored to your specific needs from the start.

Beginning at the beginning and powering through everything you need to know to take you from where you are now to wherever it is you want to be in simple, easy to follow steps.

What will You receive?

In just seven intensive yet fun days in an idyllic and relaxing environment you will undergo an AMAZING and truly TRANSFORMATIONAL experience that will give you the tools, techniques and knowledge that will both support the changes and sustain the strategy once you return home…

Weekly Schedule:

PREPARE FOR THE JOURNEY – the class-time in day 1 will cover an overview of the coming week; before you set off you need to be clear on where you’re starting from. You can then tell me your own ideas of where you are now and where it is you are aiming for so that I can adapt certain elements of the week to meet your specific requirements; I will tell you my own story in deep detail, and the lessons I learned which we can then tailor specifically to suit your life and needs.


YOUR BIG WHY – class-time in day 2 will be about the fundamentals – taking responsibility for your past, present and future; being clear about your BIG WHY, defining your life-purpose, leveraging your natural flare and talents, your passions, and your motivation, and focusing on all of the main areas of your life you want to improve so that you can turn your dreams into a tangible reality.


DRAW UP A PLAN – class-time in day 3 will be spent designing a specific plan based on the main areas uncovered during the previous day’s classes. Centred on prioritising the three key specifics that will make the biggest difference to your life, then breaking them into a set of smaller, manageable stages that will create the framework of your plan of action.


HABIT-FORMING FOR SUCCESS – class-time during day 4 you will learn how to disempower those old beliefs and break the habits that have been holding you back, then learn how to replace them with positive high-value thoughts and actions: those thoughts and actions will soon become your ingrained beliefs and habits. Learn too a new and positive way to approach challenges and obstacles. With this strategy failure and disappointment in the conventional sense will become a thing of the past for you.


HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY – class-time during day 5 will be spent retraining your mind and body to be in sync with each other. You will learn how to take control over your health and fitness from within, while also learning how to adopt and cultivate a healthy attitude towards the right fuels to take onboard to power and maintain at optimum your physical being.


MAINTAINING THE NEW YOU – class-time on day 6 will be devoted to preparing you for your return to your home and work environment, enabling you to maintain your new outlook and best utilise your knowledge once in familiar surroundings again, and how to set about making the changes necessary in those places to allow your continued growth and momentum.



POINT BY POINT RECAP AND REFRESH – class-time on day 7 is dedicated to ensuring you fully understand everything you have learned throughout the week by going over the whole course, point by point, with any further questions addressed in whatever depth and detail is necessary. You will find this refresher a real boost to your confidence in the strategy, while at the same time this really helps to hard-wire all the information into your mind just like it had been there all along. I want you to be able to go home feeling like an unstoppable Powerhouse of Progress, and that is what day 7 will help you to be.

Oh yes, and the vacation itself….

One full week full-board [breakfast, lunch + evening meal, all refreshments] in my designer home set deep in the tranquil Spanish countryside, collected and delivered back to the airport (unless you prefer to hire a car and make your own way here).
Seven full days devoted and undivided attention of me, Fino Menezes, your very own Personal Success Strategist.


Daily Routine:

08:00 – breakfast
09:00 – class
10:30 – break
11:00 – class
12:30 – break
13:00 – lunch
14:30 – class
16:00 – break
16:30 – class
18:00 – break
18:30 – Q&A/recap/personalised queries
19:30 – break
20:00 – dinner
21:00 – aaaaaannnnnd relax/movie/stargazing/storytelling/…



Where did I, Fino Menezes, learn all this?

Since early July 2013 when I first stumbled upon the world of personal development, I have been studying all the renowned authorities in the field, from James Allen way back in the nineteenth century, through Wallace Wattles in 1909, to Napoleon Hill in the 1930s, right through to those active today, such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins, to name but a few.

But let’s take three of them to consider for a moment; Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, and Jack Canfield. Between just those three they have over 100 years of research into the subject. I didn’t have 100 years because I needed results immediately, but they had already done all the hard work for me, so all I had to do was spend two solid years studying what they and others had to say on the topic.

Now I am passing on the same kind of deal to you. I studied relentlessly for two years the research that had taken these men well over 100 years to amass. Now I am concentrating my research and results into a week. That’s well over 100 years of personal development study distilled into just seven days, and if that isn’t worth your investigation then I simply don’t know where you’ll find a better package.

Bear in mind this isn’t simply theory. I put into practice what I was learning as I went along. As I was learning it, I was taking action on it, and now I am enjoying the phenomenal results of that effort. So…

You will hear…

…a step-by-step walkthrough of my timeline, from unemployed, homeless and literally penniless, through to my discovery of personal development, to its real world application using immersive experience training (this will be done using the same iPad on which I made the discoveries, watched YouTube, listened to the audio, and read the PDFs and out-of-copyright books), and I will talk you through events as they happened, and the realisations I came to over the course of those first two years, all condensed into one fact-packed week.

You will learn…

…how, with no resume/curriculum vitae, no degree, no real work history and no contacts of influence, I got jobs that didn’t exist – how to ask for what YOU want – and how I ended up teaching advanced English to directors and top tier executives in a global IT systems and solutions company, and high-ranking military officials in the Spanish Ministry of Defence – fake it ’til you make it – via volunteering, and how I got accepted on an expensive online academy course for free, all the while teaching personal development to my English language students. If I could achieve all this given my starting point, then I can teach YOU how to use the same skills and adapt them to your own chosen goals.

You will understand…

  • The Law of Attraction and Metaphysics, deconstructed and demystified.
  • Neuroscience, spelled out in plain English.
  • How to apply these concepts in practical, easy to understand and implement terms.

You will get…

…a full structured week beginning with exactly how I started out with nothing but whatever free resources I could find to go from an ex-tramp in a park, with no résumé, no degree, no contacts and no work history, through a two-year odyssey of learning and implementing what I was discovering, to how I was able to quit the 9-5, follow my passion, and live the lifestyle most people only dream about – so that YOU can follow the same strategy and apply it to your own circumstances.

You will see every letter I wrote [there was no money for phone calls back then] to secure jobs that didn’t even exist, and learn HOW TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT in a way people find very hard to refuse.

You will hear exactly what inspired me and when; how I put the pieces together, and what I understand about it now I have put it to work so that YOU TOO CAN REAP THE BENEFITS IN YOUR LIFE.

You will hear how my ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’ began and learn exactly how you too can achieve, maintain and cultivate your own.

Once you fully understand the strategy you will become an unstoppable Powerhouse of Progress.

You will gain…

  • HOPE to CONFIDENCE to unshakeable FAITH in a fail-safe system that really works.
  • Freedom from fear of the future.
  • Freedom from the worry of financial insecurity.

[in the opinion of my current and former trainees, just those three elements listed above are priceless, and alone are worth the time they put into learning them]

You will return home with all of the above tools and skills to take your life to the next level and beyond.

Price breakdown and comparison.

Before you check out the price breakdown, please take a moment to reflect on how much you spent on your last week away or how much you were planning to spend on the next one, including all meals and drinks, and then factor in that you won’t have your own Personal Success Strategist alongside you sharing their knowledge and experience with you during that week.

To summarise…

One entire week full-board [breakfast, lunch + evening meal] in my designer home, set deep in the tranquil Murcia countryside, spacious bedroom with private bathroom. You will be collected and delivered back to the airport – €100 per day = €700

Seven full days intensive training with the devoted and undivided attention of me, Fino Menezes, your very own Personal Success Strategist – PRICELESS! But seriously, an average coach or trainer asks up to €200 per hour for their services, and if they were to spend a ten hour day with you, that’s €2000 a day!!! No way!!!

So let’s go crazy here and say I’ll offer you MY services for 10% of that. Does €200 per day seem reasonable to you? Forget it, let’s take it down another notch and call it €150 per day! – That’s just €1050 for the week!!!

So the TOTAL PRICE YOU PAY = €1750 for the entire week, ALL INCLUSIVE!

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER!!! Bring your spouse, partner, business partner or a good friend and they only pay for the Strategy Classes! Full-board accommodation for them is totally FREE!

I am offering something that, if you implement what you learn, could potentially pay for itself many, many times over.

If you put into action what you learn here with me then you will have more free time to do the things you love with the people you love because you will be working smart, with higher productivity, doing more in less time.


This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, strictly limited to a very select few due to the sheer amount of concentrated one-to-one time dedicated to each client per day, and at this preposterously low cost – some of my friends and peers in the Personal Development arena think I must have a screw loose and were thoroughly amused at my “harebrained” scheme when I hatched the plan to them and asked for feedback.

This means the offer can never be repeated or replicated. I simply can’t take any more time away from my own projects than I am putting into these week-long intensive packages every month.

So why am I doing it? That’s a fair question…

It’s a long shot, but I’m hoping to cause a ripple effect.

To explain why I’m doing this and what is my motivation behind it I’m going to have to talk about me for a moment…

I’m doing this all by myself. All my progress from Day 1 of my own journey has been by myself. I had no mentor, no coach, no trainer, no mastermind group, no contacts, no courses, and no money. I’ve done all this by myself in a foreign country with a language barrier, and it has been a real struggle at times.

In the summer of 2013 when I first discovered personal development I had to volunteer in a drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation centre just to get me off the streets and put a roof over my head and food on the table, to allow me to continue to study. I worked my way up slowly, getting better jobs and improving my circumstances bit by bit, studying what I could find available on my budget.

It took me years to achieve what I now know could have been done in months if I were to have had a guide from the start. I had to feel my way and learn with what materials I could find, putting the pieces together month by month…

What I hope to achieve with the Transformation Vacation participants…

It is my sincerest wish that those who join me on the Transformation Vacation will return to their homes and places of work and pass on their newfound knowledge to those around them.

I want to see a better world in my lifetime and I’m almost 50 years old now. I want to make a difference. I want to make an impact.

I started late in life and now I figure the best and fastest way to spread the detailed information I have is to take a handful of people and one by one teach them personally for the greatest impact, rather than the scattergun approach of sending emails and writing blogs in the hope that people will read what I write and that some of it sticks – though of course I am doing that also.

I’m looking for a few people who are really committed to making a difference. Not only making a difference in their own lives and that of their immediate families, but I’m hoping they will be the kind of people who will be willing to share the secret of their success with others. In turn I’m hoping those “others” will do the same, and so the ripples spread…

Like I say, it’s a long shot, but I believe with the right people we can between us make a bigger impact, sooner, than any of us could imagine when we started out.

If you have the burning desire to improve your life and circumstances – and create a ripple effect of your own in your community – join me for the Transformation Vacation to make it all possible, here in my home in Spain.

Why this exact price?

As I said, some of my friends in the personal development arena think this is a ridiculously low price, considering I am inviting perfect strangers into my home. I had to find a compromise because I don’t want to charge top prices.

I really want to help people in a very hands-on and tailored way, and I wanted to make a package where I could offer a personal service like no other on the market at an unbeatable price, so this is the rock-bottom figure I could go down to without either running at a loss or opening my home up to people who may be, shall we say, less than committed to their personal development ambitions.

If this were any cheaper then there is the possibility my home, my hospitality, and the intensive training I am offering along with it, could be open to abuse. This is why I set a price that will show me your commitment to yourself and to the experience and knowledge you will gain here.

I understand this exclusive offer isn’t for everybody, as many people simply aren’t ready for the accelerated learning curve on offer, but if you feel you are ready to launch your progress into the stratosphere with an intensive Transformation Vacation in beautiful and relaxing surroundings, then I urge you to take the plunge now while the strictly limited places are still available.

I won’t be making this offer again in the future. While the running order of the events of the past two and a half years are fresh in my mind I want to be able to share them, but only for one week per month over the coming six months because, as you appreciate, one week per month away from my own projects and existing commitments is plenty, and in six months from now I will be involved with other projects that will consume even more of my time. Once these six places are gone, they’re gone!

So what are you waiting for? JOIN ME and launch your life and your results into a dimension others will be in awe of! Schedule a conversation with me so that we can get to know each other and to ask me any question you have about this life changing vacation befor you ensure your place. I look forward to our talk and to welcoming you into my home.


Although I have 100% faith and confidence in what I teach (after all, I only need look at my own life now and all the spectacular changes that have taken place since July 2013, and the phenomenal results of my current and former students), it is only fair to both you and I for me to add this disclaimer in advance. Though this is powerful life-changing material I am offering, there are two elements of the equation I can’t do for you; I can’t believe it for you and I can’t take action on it for you; so therefore I can’t guarantee everyone will get the same great results I got. That said, it is equally possible that from spending a week here learning what I have to offer, you may well go on to do bigger and better things than I in a shorter timeframe. All the knowledge you need to launch your life and results into the stratosphere will be made available to you here, but it’s up to you to follow through with belief and action.